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  • Dr. Kanishka Biswas

    Faculty, Ramanujan Fellow
    New Chemistry Unit, Jawarharlal Nehru Centre
    for Advanced Scientific Research
    Jakkur, Bangalore, 560064, India
    Phone: 918022082678
    E-Mail: kanishka@jncasr.ac.in

    B.Sc., Chemistry
    Jadavpur University 2003
    Kolkata, INDIA

    M.S., Chemistry
    Indian Institute of Science 2006
    Bangalore, INDIA

    Ph. D. (Integrated), Chemistry
    Indian Institute of Science 2009
    Bangalore, INDIA


    I joined Professor Kanatzidis' group as a postdoctoral fellow in June, 2009. My postdoctoral project focuses on investigation of new nanostructured bulk thermoelectric materials based on PbTe with high efficiency. I am also working on synthesis of new metal chalcogenides in ionic liquid media.