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Northwesten Core Research Facilities
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Laboratory: Equipment Available in Our Laboratory.

1. Four Vacuum Atmospheres Glove Boxes for moisture and air-sensitive chemistry.
2. Twenty four computer controlled furnaces (maximum temperature 1100 oC).
3. Hitachi U-2000 Spectrophotometer.
4. Shimadzu Diffuse reflectance UV/Vis/Near-IR Spectrophotometer.
5. Thermogravimetric Analysis Equipment, Computer controlled Shimadzu TGA-50.
6. Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Differential Thermal Analysis, Computer controlled Shimadzu DSC-50 and DMA-50.
7. Electrical resistivity equipment from MMR Technologies (temp. range 80-400 K).
8. Seebeck coefficient measurement system from MMR Technologies (temp. range 80-600 K).
9. A home-built electrical conductivity (in-line four-probe) apparatus for room temperature measurements.
10. Several Schlenk and High-vacuum lines for air and moisture sensitive work.


The group also has use of Northwestern University's Analytical Services Laboratory and the Material Science Deparment Facilities.