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Exploratory Synthesis
Thermoelectrics Hard Radiation Detection Perovskite
Solar Cells


Come to our Group Meetings, Mondays at 5pm on Zoom until further notice!

Our group focuses in solid-state inorganic chemistry ranging from Exploratory synthesis in Chalcogenides and Multianionic Materials, Thermoelectric applications, hard radiation detectors, and hybrid perovskite materials discovery and solar cells. Feel free to look around the website and enjoy our research.

Congratulations to the four recent alumni that have accepted positions at major universities! Be on the lookout for their work as they each start their own research groups across the globe. Dr. Kyle McCall at University of Texas Dallas. Dr. James Jodges at Penn State University. Dr. Yannis Spanopoulos at University of South Florida. Dr. Lingling Mao at SUSTech in Shenzhen.

Yihui He's work using CsPbBr3 as a gamma ray detector was recently published which you can read about in nature photonics! See what some of the science writers are saying about the paper in, ScienMag and Eurekalert!

Daniel Chica's work on LiInP2Se6 was just published in nature in 2020 demonstrates a well performing semiconductor neutron detector. Learn what people are saying about it in the news at C&EN, Semiconductor Online, The Engineer, Xinhua News, Popular Mechanics and Eurekalert!

Professor Mercouri Kanatzidis received the 2019 DOE Ten at Ten Scientific Ideas Award for the first demonstration of all-solid-state solar cells using halide perovskite materials. Learn more here.

Come look at our paper on the ultrahigh power factor SnSe system published in Science here!

Meet the group at Argonne

Professor Mercouri Kanatzidis honored for his contributions to Inorganic Chemistry for over 30 years! Click here Also, check out another article

Celebrating Professor Mercouri Kanatzidis 60th birthday with a surprise party! Check out the photos.

Congrats to Professor Kanatzidis for receiving an Honorary Doctorate Degree from the University of Crete. See the announcement here and photo here

Professor Mercouri Kanatzidis is awarded the 2016 Samson Prime Ministerís Prize for Innovation in Alternative Fuels for Transportation. Check out the announcement here and photos of the event here

Congrats to Mercouri for winning the Eni Award for Renewable Energy!
See the announcement here,
photos of the event here, and a video of the event here.

Professor Mercouri Kanatzidis was awarded the 2015 Wilhelm Manchot Professorship for his work on thermoelectric materials. Come see the announcement here!

Want to know how to make alkali metal chalcogenides like potassium sulfide or sodium selenide? Check out our how to video here!

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    Recent News:

    Congratulations to Shobhana Panuganti on receiving the 2020 NSF GRFP Fellowship and the 2021 Ryan Fellowship Award!

    Congratulations to Justin Hoffman on winning the 2021 Spring MRS Best Oral Presentation Award!

    Congratulations to Becca McClain on Receiving the 2019 Margaret Etter Student Lecturer Award from the American Crystallographic Association!

    Congratulations to Xiaotong Li on Receiving the Ryan Fellow at Northwestern University!

    Congratulations to Lingling Mao on Receiving the 2018 Award for Excellence in Graduate Research from Northwestern University!

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