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Kanatzidis Group in the News

May 2015

Professor Kanatzidis wins the 2015 Royal Society of Chemistry de Gennes Prize for his work on energy and environmetal remediation materials.

December 2014

Professor Kanatzidis received the 2014 MRS Medal for his work on nanostructured thermoelectric materials.
See the interview of Mercouri discussing his work here.

May 2014

Check out our new lead-free, solid state CH3NH3SnI3-xBrx perovskite solar cells in Nature Photonics.
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  • International Business Times

  • Christian Science Monitor

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  • IEEE Spectrum Magazine

  • April 2014

    Li-Dong published new record thermoelectric material SnSe with ZT=2.62 in Nature and is featured online.
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  • September 2012

    Kanishka Biswas published a new thermoelectric material, PbTe-SrTe, with a record ZT=2.2 in Nature and is featured online.
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  • NU McCormick News

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  • May 2012

    In Chung's paper on a new all-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cell with high effeciency
    is published in Nature and is featured online.
  • nanowerk.com

  • ieee.org

  • technologyreview.com

  • gizmag.com

  • ecoseed.org

  • September 2011

    John Androulakis' paper on semiconductor materials for efficient hard radiation detection is published in Advanced Materials and is featured online.
  • theengineer.co.uk

  • iom3.org

  • economictimes.com

  • futurity.org

  • security-technologynews.com

  • physnews.com

  • electronicproducts.com

  • January, 2010

    Nan Ding's paper on New Framework Sulfide Materials that Remove Radioactive Waste is published in Nature Materials and is featured online.
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  • May, 2009

    Santanu Bag's spongy chalcogels are published in Nature Chemistry and featured online.

    February, 2009

    G. Makis'
    new, efficient method of producing purer hydrogen cells published in Nature Materials and featured online.

    January, 2009

    Joseph Sootsman's article featured on MSNBC.

    October, 2008

    Argonne National Laboratory Press Release Features Banerjee's 1/∞[ZrPSe6-] (JACS 08/21/08) compound that may serve to detect chemical and biological weapons.

    Argonne National Laboratory Release


























    March, 2008

    Manos and Ding publish a paper in PNAS on Sr removal using KMS-I. (Potassium Metal Sulfide 1). It has been highlighted in many articles in the media.

    Articles (Click for Links):

    1.Chemistry World, 2. Chemie.De, 3. Northwestern News Center

    August 2007

    Santanu Bag's paper on chalcogel research is published in Science and is highlighted in many articles in the media.

    Articles (Click for Links):

    1.Chemistry World, 2. BBC News, 3. Scientific American, 4. FOX News, 5. Times of India, 6. Indian Express , 7. Chemical & Engineering,  8. Reuters, 9. Yahoo, 10. UK Sunday Times, 11. Los Angeles Times, 12. London Times, 13. US ABC News, 14. Metals Place, 15. ABC Net, 16. Chemistry Europe, 17. Earthhope, 18. Planetark, 19. Epoch Times,  20. NewHeavenNewEarth, 21. Kerala News, 22. Daily Grail, 23. IndianPad, 24. Environmetal Technology, 25.  Product Reviews, 26.   NewScientistTech, 27. ScienceNews, 28. Netscape, 29. ScienceORF, 30. Wossenschaft, 31. EurekAlert, 32. HarvardNews, 33. ForumtechnoScience, 34.   TechnoScience, 35. Abendblatt, 36. ChemicalScienceNews, 37.  CuriousCat, 38.  FaaB, 39.  MysteriousUniverse,  40. eFluxMedia,  41. Farlex,  42. Uplink, 43. Softpedia,  44. People's Daily, 45. China View

    January 2007

    Emmanouil Manos' cover article on Ion Exchange Materials.

    Front Page Cover of Chemistry: A European Journal
    Heavy-Metal-Ion Capture, Ion-Exchange, and Exceptional Acid Stability of the Open-Framework Chalcogenide (NH4)4In12Se20
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