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Undergraduate Research





Research programs tailored for undergraduates are a great way of getting involved in chemical research, working on a significant problem with a group of other students and postdocs in our group.

A research experience is most valuable, especially if you plan to go to graduate school. It will help you to confirm your choice of a profession and prepare you for graduate level research. A letter of recommendation from your research supervisor carries additional weight with the graduate selection committee at the university of your choice.

There are many different research projects offering you the opportunity to participate in some exciting exploration in inorganic and materials chemistry.

A brief description of some of the more important programs in chemistry is given below.

Exploratory solid state synthesis
Design and synthesis of mesoporous materials
Coordination chemistry with polychalcogenide, thiophosphate and selenophosphate ligands
Preparation of new chalcogenide glasses.
Synthesis in molten metals!
(Aluminum, gallium flux)

Contact Professor Mercouri G Kanatzidis about the possibility of doing research in his group. You will be expected to devote time during both terms of your academic year to the project but you may remain for a longer period upon mutual agreement. Some funds may be available to allow you to devote an entire summer to a research project. Enthusiasm for chemistry is a must.