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Tarun Bera, Ph.D.

Senior Chemist
NLC Nalco India Ltd, Pune
E-Mail: tbera@nalco.com

B.S., Chemistry
University of Calcutta 2003

M.S., Chemistry
Indian Institute of Technology-Kunpur 2005

Ph.D., Chemistry
Northwestern University 2010


I started my graduate study at Northwestern University in August of 2006 after finishing my course work at Michigan State University. I received my Masters degree from IIT Kanpur, India in 2005 and my bachelors degree from the University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India in 2003.

My Ph.D project involves "Synthesis and characterization of new chalcogenide semiconductors." A great deal of emphasis is dedicated towards the synthesis of alkali metal chalcoarsenate (ACA) materials, which are found to be a new class of polar direct band gap semiconductors and also emerging infrared second harmonic generation (SHG) materials. Investigation on this project helped me to capitalize on a variety of techniques starting from synthesis (both solid state and solution techniques), crystal growth, characterization (X-ray crystallography, SEM, ICP, NMR, mass spec., DTA, TGA, DSC, Raman, IR, optical properties, SHG, magnetism, etc.), to solution processing for thin films and nano-materials. We collaborate with both experimental (for SHG measurement) and theoretical (for band structure and SHG susceptibility calculations) research groups in the Physics Department, Northwestern University. One of our major goals is to get better understanding of the structure-property relationships in the solid. For details about me please visit my personal webpage.