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  • Santanu Bag, Ph.D.

    Northwestern University
    Department of Chemistry and
    International Institute for Nanotechnology
    Mirkin Group
    Phone: 847.467.4933
    E-Mail: s-bag@northwestern.edu

    B.S., Chemistry
    Presidency College 2002
    Kolkutta, INDIA

    M.S., Chemistry
    Indian Institute of Technology 2004
    Kanpur, INDIA

    Ph.D., Chemistry
    Northwestern University 2009


    I joined this group in Fall-2004 and have been working on porous chalcogenide project. Before that I worked under Prof. Parimal Kumar Bharadwaj in IIT Kanpur for my M.S. project on supramolecular synthetic approach to make NLO active metal-organic frameworks.

    My current research is focused on synthesis of novel porous semiconducting chalcogenide based materials; their characterization by pair distribution function(PDF) analysis, small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) technique, TEM, gas adsorption, XPS, NMR, Raman and IR. I am also investigating their catalytic activities, gas storage and separation capabilities and their efficiency towards heavy metal and organic pollutant removal from water.