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  • Qichun Zhang, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor
    Nanyang Technical University
    School of Materials Science and Engineering
    E-Mail: QCZHANG@ntu.edu.sg

    B.S., Chemistry
    Nanjing University 1992
    Nanjing, P.R. China

    M.S., Organic Chemistry
    University of California, Los Angeles 2003

    Ph. D., Inorganic Chemistry
    University of California, Riverside 2007


    I joined Professor Kanatzidis' group as a postdoctoral research associate on Oct 2007. I am currently working on synthesis and characterization of new thermoelectric materials and their practical applications. I am also using metal-zintl anion as starting materials to produce crystalline chalcogenide-based materials for non-linear optic (NLO), photovoltaics, and thermoelectric applications.

    During Ph.D. studies at University of California, Riverside, I worked on the synthesis and assembly of semiconducting nanoclusters (Cd8S(SPh)162-, Cd17S4(SPh)282- , Cd32S14(SPh)404-, Cd54S32(Ph)48(H2O)44-) into frameworks under the supervision of Professor Pingyun Feng.