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Mihai I. Sturza, Ph.D.

Kanatzidis Group
Materials Science Division
Argonne National Laboratory
Office: 223-A110
E-Mail: msturza@anl.gov

B.S., Chemistry focus in Radiochem. 2004
Alexandru I. Cuza University
University of Iasi,Romania

M.S., Environmental Chemistry, 2006
Alexandru I. Cuza University
University of Iasi,Romania

Ph.D. Solid State Chemistry
Science and Tech. University of Lille
France, 2011


I joined the Materials Science Division of Argonne National Laboratory in December 2011. My research involves investigation of superconducting behavior in pnictide and intermetallic systems exhibiting competing interactions and in narrow gap semiconductors.

My graduate work in the O. Mentré group focused on novel defected hexagonal perovskites resulting from the partial introduction of F- anions in their anionic lattice. In the mean time, the magnetic exchanges in these modified compounds are strikingly reinforced through the local structural rearrangements.