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  • CV
  • Manolis Manos

    University of Cyprus
    Department of Chemistry
    E-Mail: Emmanouil.manos@ucy.ac.cy

    B.S., Chemistry
    University of Ioannina, Greece 1998

    M.Sc., Bioinorganic Chemistry
    University of Ioannina, Greece 2000

    Ph.D., Chemistry
    University of Ioannina, Greece 2002


    I joined the group on April 2004 as a post-doctoral researcher. I received all my degrees from University of Ioannina, Greece and my MSc and PhD advisor was Prof. Themistoklis Kabanos. Specifically, I got my BS in chemistry (1994-1998), MSc degree on bionorganic chemistry (1998-2000) focusing on the unusual redox chemistry of vanadium in marine ascidians and my PhD (2000-2002) on the synthesis of vanadium and molybdenum polyoxometalates with the sulfite and carbonate ligands. I am currently working on the solid-state and hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of novel open framework and layered chalcogenides. We are especially interested in the environmental-related applications of such materials, such as the Sr2+, Cs+ decontamination of nuclear waste as well as the purification of drinking water from toxic heavy metal ions like Hg2+.