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Kyunghan Ahn, Ph.D.

Sony, South Korea
E-Mail: kyunghan.ahn@gmail.com

B.S., Materials Science and Engineering
Korea University 1999
South Korea

M.S. Materials Science and Engineering
Seoul National University 2001
South Korea

Ph. D., Materials Science and Engineering
Iowa State University 2007
Ames, Iowa


I joined Professor Kanatzidis' group as a postdoctoral research associate on April 2007. I am currently working on thermoelectric materials project. My postdoctoral project focuses on investigating nanostructured narrow bandgap semiconductors for thermoelectric applications and searching for new thermoelectric materials.

During Ph.D. period at Iowa State University, I studied structural and magneto-thermal properties of compounds: Yb5SixGe4-x, Sm5SixGe4-x, EuO, and Eu3O4 under the supervision of Distinguished Professors Vitalij K. Pecharsky and Karl A. Gschneidner, Jr.