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  • Joshua Mertz

    Ph. D. Candidate, Northwestern University
    Kanatzidis Group, Exploratory Synthesis (Chalcogenides)
    Phone: x 7-6335
    E-Mail: j-mertz@northwestern.edu
    Office: GG19
    Office Hours: All The Time!

    B.S., Chemistry
    Haverford College 2006


    I am currently working in the Exploratory Synthesis project in the group. My research focuses on the development of novel chalcogenide materials for the use in Ion-Exchange of nuclear waste and heavy metal Ions. We are attempting to remove Cs1+ and Sr2+ from nuclear waste streams through the creation of new novel chalcogenide materials. These materials have also shown very good ion-exchange properties when used on Hg2+, Pb2+, and Cd2+ ions.

    I arrived at Northwestern in September of 2006 after finishing my B.S. at Haverford College. There I worked under Robert Scarrow in an effort to create an inorganic catalyst for the activation of oxygen.