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  • Ioannis (John) Androulakis, Ph.D.

    Material Scientist
    ZT Plus, Thermoelectrics
    Phone: (626)208-3468
    E-Mail: i.androulakis@ztplus.com
    Office: 1321 Mountain View Cir
    Azusa, CA, 91702

    B.Sc., Physics
    University of Crete 1999

    Ph.D., Physics and Chemistry of Materials
    University of Crete 2003


    My research currently focuses around resonating scattering states in thermoelectric materials. Scattering by resonating levels can potentially increase the figure of merit by its cooperative action on the electronic part of the thermal conductivity and enhancement of the thermoelectric power.

    Furthermore, I'm involved in the search and development of the next generation radiation detection semiconductor materials. This project has many subcomponents to tackle: identification of high Z, high band gap semiconductors exhibiting long drifting lengths for both holes and electrons, chemically pure and structurally perfect grown single crystals, are but a few.