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Daniel Shoemaker, Ph.D.

Current Position: Assistant Professor
Materials Science and Engineering
Office 260 F. Seitz Materials Research Laboratory
University of Illinois, Urbanna-Champaign
E-Mail: dpshoema@illinois.edu

B.S., Materials Science and Engineering
University of Illinois 2006

Ph.D. Materials
University of California, Santa Barbara 2010

Research at Northwestern

I am investigating the synthesis, structure, and properties of chalcogenides and oxides. Materials that are disordered on the nanoscale are of particular interest. We are also pursuing in situ studies of locally ordered species at the onset of crystallinity in solutions and fluxes.

I joined Argonne in December 2010. My graduate work in the Seshadri group focused on spontaneous processing of magnetic composites and characterizing disordered crystalline materials using large-box reverse Monte Carlo fits to neutron and X-ray total scattering data.