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Constantinos (Costas) Stoumpos, Ph.D.

Post Doc
Kanatzidis Group
Materials Science Division
Argonne National Laboratory
Office: 223 S205
E-Mail: konstantinos.stoumpos@northwestern.edu

B.S., Chemistry
University of Patras 2006
Patras, Greece

Ph.D. Chemistry
University of Patras 2009
Patras, Greece


I joined the Kanatzidis group in February, 2010. My research focuses on exploratory synthesis of halide-based semiconductors. Of special interest are materials of the perovskite structure. Such materials display interesting optical properties (Photoluminescence, Non-Linear Optical properties) and are thus being studied for energy conversion applications in the near-IR region. On January 2012 I joined ANL, where my research concerns single-crystal growth of dense, wide-bandgap halide and chalcohalide compounds for high energy radiation detection.

Previous research, conducted under the supervision of Professor Spyros P. Perlepes, involved the synthesis and characterization of polynuclear 3d-metal complexes (clusters) and study of their magnetic properties in search for prototype molecular magnetic materials.