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Dr. Yi Yang

Post Doc, Northwestern University
Kanatzidis Group, Perovskite Materials
and Photovoltaic Devices
Phone: 847-467-6135
E-Mail: yi.yang@northwestern.edu
Office: K256

BS. Energy engineering and automation
North China Electric Power University
Beijing, China, 2016

Ph.D. Renewable Energy and Clean Energy
North China Electric Power University
Beijing, China, 2021
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne
Sion, Switzerland, 2021


I joined the group in May 2022 as a postdoctoral fellow and I am jointly advised by Prof. Edward H. Sargent. My research involves the development of novel perovskite materials and the fabrication of high-performance photovoltaic devices. During my Ph.D., I mainly worked on the orientation control and defect passivation of two-dimensional perovskite solar cells.