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Patricia Lohman-Meza

Graduate Student, Northwestern University
Kanatzidis Group, Thermoelectrics
Phone: 847-467-6335
E-Mail: PatriciaLohmanMeza2021@u.northwestern.edu
Office: ?XX

B.S., Material Science and Engineering
Northwestern University
Evanston IL, 2021


I graduated from Northwestern University in 2021 majoring in Material Science and Engineering. During my time at Northwestern, I worked at Argonne National Lab on 3D printing bioplastics/ceramics synthesized from food waste to create added value products. I later worked at Nanograph, a startup focused on graphene-coated silicon LIB anodes. While there, I learned electrode synthesis, electrochemistry, and characterization methods for LIBs. With this experience, I joined the Hersam group at Northwestern working on utilizing an ethyl cellulose stabilized graphene coating to create ambient resistant high nickel cathodes. My research currently focuses on the synthesis and characterization of thermoelectric materials.