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Majid Safdari

Visiting Scholar, Northwestern University
Kanatzidis Group, Solar cells
Phone: x 7-6335
E-Mail: majid.safdari@northwestern.edu
Office: K256

M.Sc. Chemistry
Uppsala University
Uppsala, Sweden, 2012
Ph.D. Chemistry

Royal Institute of Technology
Stockholm, Sweden, 2017

Post Doc
Royal Institute of Technology
Stockholm, Sweden, 2018-2020


I joined the Kanatzidis group in 2021 as visiting scholar. My research interests are design and synthesis of materials for possible solar cells application. I worked with low dimensional organic-inorganic materials with incorporation of organic cations aiming on boosting the physical and chemical properties of these materials. During past two years, I worked with perovskite tandem solar cells. My current project involves synthesis of new hybrid materials, study of their chemical and optoelectric properties and investigating their device performances.