Solid State Chemistry Workshop 2006


Taxi Information

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Taxi: 303 Taxi
  • Call (800) 225-5303 once you are in the baggage claim area.
  • Tell them you are going to the Orrington Hotel in Evanston from O'Hare and they will ask from which airline.
  • They will tell you a cab number and to wait outside from a certain exit (each exit has a number).
  • Cross the first road and wait at the second for the correctly numbered aqua & white colored 303 Taxi.

  • 303 also services Midway Airport. The fare will be around $50.

  • Shuttle: Continental Airport Express
  • A ticket must be purchased first. Ticket counters are in the baggage claim areas at Doors 1E, 2D, and 3E.
  • Much more information is here.
  • Call (888) 284-3826 to make reservations to O'Hare.
  • Last Updated on:
    March 14th, 2006