Solid State Chemistry Workshop 2006


Presentations from the SSC Workshop 2006

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The presentations from the 2006 SSC Workshop panels are available to download.
Warning! Some files are very large!

(1) Synthesis and new materials
       Topic_1_-_Session_1_talk.ppt 29 MB.

(2) Structure property relationships
       Topic_2_-_NSF-workshop-Structure-Properties-5-16-06-complete.ppt 38 MB.

(3) Modeling and prediction through theory
       Topic_3_-_Panel_3_SSC_Workshop_trun.ppt 33 MB.

(4) Societal impact (nanoscience, health, energy, national security, environment)
       Topic_4_-_Societal_Impact.ppt 11 MB.

(5) Industrial impact and relevance
       Topic_5_-_NSF_SSC_Industrial_Impact_finalv2.pdf < 1 MB.

(6) Education (undergraduate and graduate)
       Topic_6a_-_NSF_SSC_Workshop_May_2006.ppt < 1 MB.
       Topic_6b_-_George_Lisensky_Talk.ppt 5 MB.
       Topic_6c_-_NW.ppt 9 MB.

(7) National facilities
       Topic_7_-_SSChem_06-Nat Facilities.ppt 32 MB.

(8) The place of solid state chemistry within other physical disciplines, e.g. inorganic chemistry, condensed matter physics, materials science, geo-science, and biology
       Topic_8a_-_NSF_SSC_Ward_presentation.ppt 6 MB.
       Topic_8b_-_APR_NSF_SSC_comp.ppt 3 MB.

(9) International exchanges and collaborations.
       Topic_9a_-_TopicIXBattle.ppt < 1 MB.
       Topic_9b_-_TopicIXSeshadri.ppt 6 MB.

Last Updated on:
July 18th, 2006