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Exploratory Synthesis
Thermoelectrics Biomimetics Perovskite
Solar Cells


Come to our Group Meetings, Mondays at 7pm in K259!

Our group is focused in solid-state inorganic chemistry from Exploratory synthesis in Chalcogenide and Intermetallic Materials, Thermoelectric applications and porous semiconductors. Feel free to look around the website and enjoy our research.

Check out our new world record high efficiency thermoelectric material published in Nature and described on our research page, and our environmentaly friendly solid state perovskite solar cell in Nature Photonics!

Meet the group at Argonne

June 2-3, 2011 Kanatzidis and Dravid host
"Emerging Opportunities in Nanostructured Semiconductors"

Kanatzidis and Poeppelmeier Author: NSF Report on Solid State Chemistry

The 2006 Solid State NSF Workshop

The Third Workshop on Future Directions of Solid State Chemistry:
The Status of Solid State Chemistry and its Impact in the Physical Sciences

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    Ultralow thermal conductivity and high thermoelectric figure of merit in SnSe crystals

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