H&F InNUvative Chemistry Grant competition

Graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who attend the Hupp/Farha group meetings were given the opportunity to participate in the inaugural H&F InNUvative Chemistry Grant competition. The participants submitted grant proposals outlining ideas for creative projects that could feasibly be carried out over the course of one year by a team of one or two researchers. In the first phase of the competition, 11 proposals were submitted. Four of them were deemed of exceptional quality and advanced to the second phase, during which their authors defended their ideas in a “sales pitch” speech to the attendees of the Hupp/Farha group meeting. The winner, determined by the popular vote taken during the meeting, is Timothy C. Wang, a second year graduate student. His grant proposal, entitled “Structurally well-defined Metal-Organic Framework/conductive polymer hybrids for high surface area conductive material”, was granted the grand prize – funding of $10,000 from an overall $25,000 purse specifically allocated to this cause. Over the next year, Tim will be using the prize to carry out the research and hopefully see his brilliant ideas come to life. Congratulations, Tim!