BRandon Rugg

Northwestern University
2190 Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208-3113


2013 - Present:  Ph.D. Student, Northwestern University (expected 2017)
Joint student with Michael Wasielewski and Mark Ratner

Professional Preparation

2007 - 2011
B.S. Chemistry, James Madison University
Minor in Mathematics

Research Description

My research is concerned with the spin dynamics of photo-generated radical pairs in organic molecules, and how these dynamics could be used for quantum information processing. Electron spins manipulated by electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectrometers have been proposed as the basis for quantum computation schemes, and spins in organic molecules have the advantage of a synthetically-tunable environment and long spin relaxation times.

Specifically, I have designed and synthesized several covalently-attached electron donor-acceptor-radical (D-A-R) systems in which reversible reduction of a stable radical (R) is observed following photoexcitation. These systems have allowed for the characterization (via EPR and transient absorption) of several interesting phenomena that occur during the formation and recombination of the charge-separated state formed by radical reduction.

Understanding these phenomena has allowed for the design of D-A-R molecules that are well-suited for the experimental scheme proposed by Salikhov, et al., in which the reduction of a stable radical by a spin-correlated radical pair can serve as a method to teleport quantum information. This will be observed using a Q-band EPR spectrometer using the pulse sequence shown above. The first (π/2) microwave pulse, which prepares a quantum superposition state, is applied on resonance with R. Following photo-initiated reduction of R, the π pulse is applied to the D cation spin. Detection of a spin echo indicates successful quantum teleportation of the prepared state from R to the remaining spin on D.

Fellowships and Awards

TGS Leadership Fellowship, 2012


Mo, A. K.; Brown, V. L.; Rugg, B. K.; DeVore, T. C.; Meyer, H. M.; Hu, X.; Hughes, W. C.; Augustine, B. H., Understanding the Mechanism of Solvent‐Mediated Adhesion of Vacuum Deposited Au and Pt Thin Films onto PMMA Substrates. Adv. Funct. Mater. 2013, 23 (11), 1431-1439.