July 19th: New Board Elected

Officers 2013-2014

Chapter Advisor

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*If you are looking to purchase lab coats, notebooks, or goggles outside of the normal sales schedule please contact the current undergraduate studies program assistant.


President - Responsible for overseeing all PLU events, being the contact person for PLU, setting up and running regular meetings, organizing the annual Career Forum, and organizing the Annual Marple-Schweitzer Memorial lecture.

Vice President - Responsible for recruiting new members, organizing the initiation ceremony, and organizing the quarterly notebook and goggle sales (sales during the quarter are coordinated through the undergraduate studies program assistant), as well as assisting the President and writing the year end review for the national PLU board. In addition, the vice president acts as the PLU Chemistry Department Representative at the Graduate Student Association (GSA) Department Representatives quarterly meetings.

Secretary and Webmaster - Responsible for keeping a record of meeting minutes both at board meetings and full member meetings. Also, the secretary communicates with the National PLU office when necessary (specifically when new member information needs to be sent). Responsible for maintaining/updating the PLU website and the officer and members listservs.

Treasurer - Responsible for writing reimbursement checks, providing funds for notebook/goggle sales and other events, collecting money at socials, and assisting other officers as needed.

Awards Chair - Responsible for all awards given by the PLU including TA awards, the Gelewitz award, PLU travel and service grants, seminar awards, and any other donation/award. It is suggested the awards chair not be a 4th year graduate student because they will not be eligible for the Gelewitz award.

Social Chair - Responsibe for providing advertisement, food, and beverage for monthly social events and special events such as the Marple-Schweitzer lecture and the Career Forum.

Service Chairs - Responsible for running the clothing drive in the Fall and running Science in The Classroom throughout the year. Running SITC is a very significant time commitment, and consists of recruiting and coordinating volunteers, writing/editing lessons, gathering supplies, and coordinating with the school/teachers.

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