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Edmund W. Gelewitz Awards
Teaching Assistant Awards
Joseph Lambert Award for Excellence in Junior Graduate Research

Edmund W. Gelewitz Awards

These awards are given anually by the Alpha Gamma chapter of PLU to two outstanding senior graduate students in chemistry. The endowment was established in 1953 in honor of its namesake.  From these funds, two $500 awards are set aside for senior graduate students who demonstrate excellence in research and are active in the Northwestern chemistry department and the greater chemical community.

Recipients are selected via a three-stage process: First, an application highlighting both research and service is submitted in early April to the selection committee comprised of graduate students, including at least one former recipient.  The PLU Awards Chair serves as a non-voting arbitrator. Next, semi-finalists chosen from the applicants (up to 10) are invited to give a research seminar (15 minutes, ACS standard) in front of the same committee. Lastly, finalists (up to 5) are chosen for an interview conducted by a three member faculty panel and the PLU Awards Chair, to assess the candidates and determine the two award winners. The interviews are formal in nature and approximately 10 minutes in length.  The winners are announced at the annual Marple-Schweitzer Memorial Lecture in May.

The application consists of a one page research statement, one page summary of your service involvement and curriculum vitae (max two pages). If you have completed three years of graduate studies in chemistry at Northwestern University then you are eligible for this award! Please note that your application for this award indicates a willingness to serve on the Gelewitz Selection Committee the following year, unless you defend your thesis before that time.

Student Recipients- Charles Machan, Kaylie Young

Student Recipients- Lisa Manus, Mike Vagnini

Student Recipients- Alexander Spokoyny, Matthew Reuter

Student Recipients- Tarun Bera, Emily Pentzer

Student Recipients- Haley Hill and Sina Yeganeh

Student Recipients- Jill Millstone and Jing Zhao

Student Recipients- Eric Greyson and Rob Lettan

Student Recipients- Christopher Graves and Andrea Voges

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Teaching Assistant Awards

Annually the PLU recognizes excellence in student teaching through the presentation of six TA awards. These awards are distributed among graduate students teaching at all levels of the undergraduate and graduate chemistry curriculum. The awards include the L. Carroll King Award for Excellence in 100-Level Teaching, the Allen S. Hussey Award for Excellence in 200-Level Teaching, and the Donald E. Smith Awards for Excellence in 300 and 400-Level Teaching. The recipients are selected by recommendations from faculty supervisors and their pupils. Recommendations by the students in the 100 and 200 level classes are run through Northwestern's CTEC website, while the 300 and 400 level classes are evaluated through this website. If you are taking a 300 or 400 level class and would like to evaluate your TA, please fill out and submit this form. If there are any questions about the awards or evaluations please contact the current Awards Chair of the PLU executive board.

100-level Recipients: Stephanie Zaleski and Olga Karagiaridi
200-level Recipients: Mark Aparece and Ryan Thaner
300-level Recipient: Daniel Hannah
400-level Recipient: John Roberts

100-level Recipients: Clare Rowland and Sarah Saslow
200-level Recipients: Brett Anderson and Kristen Brown
300-level Recipient: Jordan Klingsporn
400-level Recipient: Felix K. Amankona-Diawuo

100-level Recipients: Victoria Harrison and Bryan Mangelson
200-level Recipients: Daniel Clingerman and Leah Shoer
300-level Recipient: Brian Jones
400-level Recipient: Collin Morris

100-level Recipients: Matthew Sonntag and Ron Rahaman
200-level Recipients:Erin Weiland and Jennifer McInnis
300-level Recipient: Julia Chamberlain
400-level Recipient: Erika Crane

100-level Recipients: Mario Apodaca and Michael Vagnini
200-level Recipients: Kelly Lutz and Dustin Hawker
300-level Recipient: Rachelle Pinlac
400-level Recipient: Matthew Reuter

100-level Recipients: Jessica Malin and Evan Trivedi
200-level Recipients: Thomas Lawton and William Loomis
300-level Recipient: Martin McCullagh
400-level Recipient: Charlie Weiss

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Joseph Lambert Award for Excellence in Junior Graduate Research

This award recognizes outstanding achievement and promise in academic research during the first two years of chemistry graduate studies. Professor Joseph Lambert is an internationally renowned chemist who has dedicated more than 40 years of service to our department and has been a faculty advisor of the PLU Northwestern chapter for more than a decade. To honor his service to the chapter and to the department, this award carries Professor Lambert's name.

Any second-year graduate student in the Chemistry Department PhD program can be nominated for this award; however, only those who decide to become PLU members will be considered for the award. Nomination is done by the applicant's qualifying exam committee and has to be submitted to the graduate program assistant after the exam is passed. Nominees are then asked to provide a brief statement of their research interests (3-4 pages, Times New Roman 11, double-spaced), CV and a letter of recommendation from their faculty advisor in order to be considered for this award. The selection process will consist of a student-run committee (PLU awards chair or a senior board officer and three senior students from the organic, inorganic and physical divisions, respectively) who will select the awardee.

The Lambert Award consists of monetary check sponsored by PLU ($250) and a certificate signed by the PLU president. In addition, a permanent plaque has been established, where the awardee`s name will be engraved each year.


All nominations by the qualifying committee have to be made before September 1st, 2012. All application materials have to be sent to PLU awards chair (nuplu.awards@gmail.com)

by November 16th, 2012. A selection committee will be assigned thereafter and will preside tentatively during the first week of December. The award will be given to the recipient during the annual department Christmas party in December 2012.

Lambert Awardees:
2009 - Chris George
2010 - Kathryn Knowles
2011 - Michelle Personick

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