Noah Horwitz

Northwestern University
2190 Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208-3113


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Ph.D. Student, Northwestern University (2011-present)

B.S. Chemistry, University of Washington (2007-2011)

Research Description

I am interested in how electron spins behave in organic molecules, and in how they can be harnessed to control the chemistry and physics of these molecules.  Electron spin can be used to carry information, for example, in a computer.  I am designing and synthesizing molecules designed to move spin information between different parts of the molecule, and will use Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectroscopy to observe and manipulate electron spins in these molecules.


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MacLeod, B. A.; Horwitz, N. E.; Ratcliff, E. L.; Jenkins, J. L.; Armstrong, N. R.; Giordano, A. J.; Hotchkiss, P. J.; Marder, S. R.; Campbell, C. T.; Ginger, D. S. "Built-In Potential in Conjugated Polymer Diodes with Changing Anode Work Function: Interfacial States and Deviation from the Schottky–Mott Limit." The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 20123, 1202.

Noone, K. M.; Anderson, N. C.; Horwitz, N. E.; Munro, A. M.; Kulkarni, A. P.; Ginger, D. S. "Absence of Photoinduced Charge Transfer in Blends of PbSe Quantum Dots and Conjugated Polymers." ACS Nano 20093, 1345.