Welcome to the UCC! Northwestern's venture into everything chemistry!

The Undergraduate Chemistry Council is Northwestern University's only student group for undergraduates interested in chemistry. Throughout the year, the UCC sponsors field trips, lectures, outreach to young scientists, and chemistry shows. We are always looking for new members to expand our group and help out with events. We are also dedicated to being a resource for all students who are majoring in, or just have an interest in, chemistry.

Chemistry Focus

We strive to engage and learn about the newest innovations in the field of chemistry. Whether it be through experiments, lectures, or the finale of Breaking Bad, we love the study of chemistry.

Campus Engagement

We aren't an exclusive group. Anyone with an inkling of interest in chemistry is welcomed to join, participate, or even lead chemistry-focused events. The UCC is focused on creating a group that anyone can enjoy.

Community Outreach

Science education is key enrichment for middle schoolers and high schoolers. Through engaging after school programs, the UCC is determined to provide fun and educational after school programs to school children in the community.

Hope you enjoyed visitng our table at the Fall Activities Fair

Check out Wildcat Connection for more information on events, and join our listserv to get updated on what we're doing and how you can get involved!

Main Events

Project Pumpkin - Project Pumpkin is an event organized by the Northwestern Community Development Corps (NCDC) in the days before Halloween. It takes place in the Norris Student Center and provides a safe environment for disadvantaged children to trick-or-treat. The UCC provides a booth every year filled with candy and a chemistry demonstration or two. For more information, please contact one of the SCOPE chairs.
Eberhard Halloween Show - A show of boos and booms. Northwestern's own Eberhard, chemistry demonstrator to the (future) stars, gives an hour-long show full of cool chemistry tricks, including explosions, glowing chemicals, and more explosions. This is truly a Northwestern institution, one that all levels of undergrads (and some grad students) come out to see. Truly a one-of-a-kind show!
NCDC - The UCC aids the NCDC in helping refugee children by providing those children with a afternoon of chemistry-related fun. For more information, please contact one of the SCOPE chairs.
Eberhard Beach Show - Take all of the fun of the Eberhard Halloween Show and move it to the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan. Featuring the loudest explosions of the year, along with bad chemistry jokes and other demos.

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The Northwestern UCC offers tutoring services in chemistry to all students, regardless of membership status in the UCC.
In other words, if you're a NU undergrad, you can use our free tutoring service.

For General Chemistry (Both 102 and 172): Winter quarter hours/days are as follows: Sunday-Wednesday in Tech HG04, 8-10pm Sunday and Wednesdays in Allison 1021, 8-10pm.
Students should bring their wild cards to sign in.
For more information or questions, email Gen Chem Tutoring Coordinator Alexandra Lee (alexandralee2018@u.northwestern.edu).

Private tutoring with the tutors listed below may also be arranged by email for further assistance. In your email, please include:
     1. Your name.
     2. Your professor.
     3. The chapters and topics you primarily want to go over.
     4. What times work best for you to meet.
     5. Preferable meeting places (Norris, etc.).

Alexandra Lee (alexandralee2018@u.northwestern.edu)
Joseph Palasz(josephpalasz2017@u.northwestern.edu)
Kassandra Blanchard (kassandrablanchard2017@u.northwestern.edu)
Greg Krzywicki (grzegorzkrzywicki2018@u.northwestern.edu)
Christian Jacobson (christianjacobson2012@u.northwestern.edu)

Exec Contact Info

Grzegorz Krzywicki- President: grzegorzkrzywicki2018@u.northwestern.edu
Timothy Huang- Vice President: timothyhuang2017@u.northwestern.edu
Sarah Rasmussen- Treasurer: sarahrasmussen2016@u.northwestern.edu
Kassie Blanchard- Technology Coordinator: kassandrablanchard2012@u.northwestern.edu
Alexandra Lee- General Chemistry Tutoring Coordinator: alexandralee2018@u.northwestern.edu
Tasha Heryla- Secretary: anastasiaheryla2016@u.northwestern.edu
Kyle Tsai- SCOPE Chair: kyletsai2016@u.northwestern.edu
Stephanie Marin-SCOPE Chair: stephaniemarin2018@u.northwestern.edu
Shannon He- Publicity Chair: shannonhe2018@u.northwestern.edu
Joseph Palatz- SAB Representative: josephpalasz2017@u.northwestern.edu
Sarah Benton- SAB Representative: sarahbenton2017@u.northwestern.edu
Hayden Sharma- General Membership Coordinator: haydensharma2016@u.northwestern.edu
Kristin Porzak- General Membership Coordinator: kristinporzak2018@u.northwestern.edu

Full Exec Board Contact