Synthesis Subgroup

The Synthesis subgroup aims to synthesize and characterize novel porphyrin-derivatives (porphyrazines, or pzs) for a variety of biomedical and material applications

Collaboration with Meade group, Sloan group (Wayne St.) and Radosevich group (UIC).

The Hoffman Group

Synthesis of novel fluorescent dyes based on porphyrazines with electronic absorption in the window of maximum tissue penetration (~ 700-900nm) for the detection and treatment of superficial cancers.


Baxter-Northwestern Alliance


Biomedical Applications

Porphyrazine Imaging/Therapeutic Agents

Mouse with subcutaneous tumors stably expressing red fluorescent protein (RFP).  X-ray/optical overlay of (A) RFP emission, (B) false green porphyrazine 247 emission, and (C) merged image indicating co-localization.