ENDOR spectrum simulation program: We have made our simulation program, GENDOR, much friendlier by combining data input and computation into a single Visual Basic program with a gui interface. Simulations are output in ASCII X,Y format and can therefore be read into nearly any spread sheet/graphing program. Simulations can be performed either at uniform intervals in g-value or at an input list of specified fields.

(An updated instruction manual is being assembled. For further information, please contact us.)

You may download GENDOR50 directly from this page.

GENDOR50.ZIP - Unzip and run setup.exe. Generates the GENDOR50 program group and creates the executable ENDOR simulation program, GENDORVB.exe.


The EPR Spectral Simulation Program: This is a modified version of QPOW providing free format and ASCII graphical output. This program is kindly provided by Dr. Joshua Telser.

You may download QPOW directly from this page.

QPOW.ZIP - The entire package, including the executable file, source code, and sample input and output files.

The "Super" program package: The DDPOW suite consists of two programs written in FORTRAN g77 by Dr. Joshua Telser to simulate EPR/ENDOR spectra using a full diagonalization of the spin Hamiltonian (using EISPACK subroutines) and including various high order terms as in Abragam & Bleaney. Both programs allow arbitrary orientation of the second spin (I in DDPOWH; S2 in DDPOWJ) based on user defined Euler angles. More specialized (and CPU intensive) versions of DDPOW, that include multiple nuclear and electron spins for example, are available from the author.

You may download DDPOWH and DDPOWJ directly from this page. Each zip file contains the executable program, all source code, and sample input and output files.

DDPOWH.ZIP - simulates EPR or ENDOR spectra of a single electronic spin S = 1/2 - 5/2 coupled to a single nucleus I = 0 - 7/2.

DDPOWJ.ZIP - simulates EPR spectra for two electronic spins S(1,2) = 1/2 - 5/2 magnetically  coupled to each other.


Simulation Programs

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