Facility Director: Prof. B. M. Hoffman
Electronics Specialist:
Mr. Clark E. Davoust


35 GHz Varian E-109 CW EPR/ENDOR Spectrometer

This spectrometer is used for CW EPR and ENDOR at 35 GHz. Although the set-up has been optimized for a sample temperature of 2 K, it can be modified in order to study samples at 4, 77 or 400 K.


Pulsed X-band EPR/ENDOR Spectrometer

This spectrometer is constructed locally and operates at 9 GHz. It is capable of numerous advanced magnetic resonance techniques, like: ESEEM, Davies and Mims ENDOR, Hyperfine Selective techniques. This spectrometer is normally operated with sample temperatures of 2 or 4 K.


Pulsed Q(Ka)-Band EPR/ENDOR Spectrometer

This spectrometer is the 35 GHz counterpart of the one described above. The instrument was constructed locally as well, and, as for the 9 GHz set-up, it is capable of handling ESEEM, and numerous pulsed ENDOR techniques. The sample temperature when operating this spectrometer is typically 2 K.


Varian E-4 EPR Spectrometer

Used for routine work at X-Band frequencies at temperatures from 77 K to 400 K.


The W-Band EPR/ENDOR spectrometer

We are currently constructing a spectrometer which will be capable of performing both pulsed and CW experiments at W-band (95 GHz).

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