The Hoffman lab is comprised of two subgroups:  electron-nuclear double resonance (ENDOR) of metalloenzymes and models; electron transfer (ET) within protein complexes.  Individual projects may emphasize magnetic resonance methods, flash-photolysis kinetics, protein design, cloning and expression, and/or organic/inorganic synthesis, all primarily with biological applications.

From left to right:  Nadia Petlakh Co, Taylor Page, Ethan Trana, Diana Mayweather, Professor Brian Hoffman, Roman Davydov, Clark Davoust, Amanda Knutson, Adam Kinney, Evan Trivedi, Nick Lees, Ajay Sharma  Not pictured:  Carl Blumenfeld, Pete Doan, Dmitriy Lukoyanov, Judy Nocek, Muralidharan Shanmugam, Joshua Telser

The Hoffman Group

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